Under Construction

You’ve found the future site of The Accordion Show, which was The Accordion Line Podcast in a past life. Good work! This show is written, hosted, recorded, edited, etc., etc., by one person: me. Basically, I interview accordionists, starting out as a total beginner who’s never even touched an accordion.

The premise is absolutely, inconveniently true. So at this point, I have two shows which need to be revised and a lot of raw material. I have been generously gifted a piano accordion (though it needs resuscitation), and I bought a small, second-hand bayan, which I am just learning to play.  Lately, however, I’ve been spending more time and money learning how to process audio.

The old domain expires in June, and since I have not made one penny on this show, I’m going to try to get it rolling at this new address by then. Please bookmark this site, Accordion.Show, as it is the surest way to keep in touch, and tell any friends who would be interested. I’m excited to finally get this show back on the air… or wire… or fiber… whatever. I appreciate your patience, and will do my best to make it worth the wait.